Attending Festivals & Conferences Have Changed Our Lives

It's amazing what can happen when a group of people come together at an event.
It's where we get inspired, meet life-long friends, find new opportunities and fall in love.
It's one of the best reasons to travel across the world.

We're building a platform to help event organizers and attendees find this magic more often.

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We're also experienced conference speakers including these events:

IFEA, SXSW, Bizbash, SF MusicTech Summit, by:Larm, CMJ Music Marathon

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When you're focused on your passion, work is play. Here are some of our company adventures: Attacks ATX • In March 2011 we moved the team to Austin for a month of product building and preparation for our 4th Annual Unofficial SXSW We had over 7,200 panels, parties and bands listed and gave away over 10,000 venue maps. We were joined by Madonna, Foxy, Frenchy & Big Mama‚Ķour 4 chickens! Read all about it on our SXSW Blog ».

Operation: Music Festival Overload • We attended 4 music festivals in one month! We wanted to improve the experience of our mobile app and discovered we needed a way to keep track of all the bands we saw, so we built a way. Learns To Tango • We moved the team to Buenos Aires, Argentina for a month to eat empanadas and drink yerba mate while building our API. We couldn't speak the language very well but we wanted to, so we built and launched language translations for in Spanish, French, Italian & Norwegian.

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